"I'm in the National Portrait Gallery! I want to champion the talent of the artist Martyn Burdon, who I sat for last year."

Matt Berry, London, UK


"I saw Martyn's pencil work exhibited in The Eagle Gallery, Bedford last year, and was so impressed by the images that I bought two pictures on the spot, and commissioned a further two. Since then I acquired a number of works from him, including marvellous pencil portraits of my Mother and my late Husband. In total I am now a proud owner of 7 pieces. I like his style and approachability. He is reliable and always friendly and offers advice as to the medium best suited for a particular work. A great talent to be supported."

Joanna Baxter, Bedford, UK.


"It's an extraordinary piece of work and you have an amazing talent. I'm thankful that you allowed me to be a part of it and I wish you all the very best with your future projects. I really look forward to following your brilliant work, and I hope you get the recognition you deserve."

Michael Sheen, Los Angeles, USA.


"If you are looking for a unique and amazing gift idea check out this amazing artist. I commissioned Martyn to work on a drawing on my daughters Olivia and Eve and it was amazing!"

James Harvey, Hertford, UK.


"Clever Sausage"

Sue Perkins, London, UK


"Everybody loves the drawing I commissioned of my sons James and Sam. Martyn really caught both their characters. it's now hanging in my hallway and I look at it all the time."

Eoin McCusker, London, UK


"This guy is a much better artist than Hitler, and probably only half as evil..."

Richard Herring, London, UK


"I have a pencil drawing of Martyn's which I am proud to own, it is quite simply sublime. It captures a beauty and melancholy that I've rarely seen. Wonderful and remarkable work."

John Yatchisin, Bedford, UK