"I've ended up in the National Portrait Gallery! I sat for Martyn last year and I want to champion the talent of this artist."

Matt Berry, London, UK


"I saw Martyn's pencil work exhibited in The Eagle Gallery, Bedford last year, and was so impressed by the images that I bought two pictures on the spot, and commissioned a further two. Since then I acquired a number of works from him,  I am now a proud owner of 7 pieces. I like his style and approachability. He is reliable and always friendly and offers advice as to the medium best suited for a particular work. A great talent to be supported."

Joanna Baxter, Bedford, UK.


"It's an extraordinary piece of work and you have an amazing talent. I'm thankful that you allowed me to be a part of it. I'm looking forward to following your work."

Michael Sheen, Los Angeles, USA.


"If you are looking for a unique and amazing gift idea check out this amazing artist. I commissioned Martyn to work on a drawing on my daughters Olivia and Eve and it was amazing!"

James Harvey, Hertford, UK.


"We are delighted with the work, couldn't be happier."

Julie Robinson, Bedford, UK


"You clever sausage"

Sue Perkins, London, UK


"Everybody loves the drawing I commissioned of my sons James and Sam. Martyn has really caught both their characters. it's hanging in my hallway and I look at it everyday."

Eoin McCusker, London, UK


"A very nice man and his work is amazing, this guy is a much better artist than Hitler, and probably only half as evil..."

Richard Herring, London, UK


"I have a pencil drawing of Martyn's which I am proud to own, it is quite simply sublime. It captures a beauty and melancholy that I've rarely seen. Wonderful and remarkable work."

John Yatchisin, Bedford, UK


"I'm absolutely thrilled to bits with the finished result, I couldn't be more pleased"

Sheila Ferris, Bishop Stortford UK

“A wonderful piece of work!“

Mark Gatiss, London, UK